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POOR internet is a major frustration that can strike at any time.

It's easy to blame your internet service provider but critical mistakes you're making at home could be the root cause for bad Wi-Fi.

We've already heard how the placement of your router can have a big impact.

And how objects like the microwave can cause issues too.

But what if your devices themselves were the problem?

Well, according to BT, they may well be.

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While a shiny new iPhone may be getting super fast broadband, your old smart TV is struggling behind.

That's because newer gadgets are equipped with the latest tech to handle faster wireless speeds.

"If your wi-fi feels sluggish, it could be due to the device you are using," BT's support page says.

"Typically the newer your equipment, the faster the wireless speed it will support – a smartphone from 2013 can handle around half the wi-fi speeds of a modern phone."

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So if you have a particular device that's really just not up to speed and it's really detrimental, you might need fork out and pay to replace it.

But before you do that, it's worth doing a proper speed test.

Go to a site such as and note down the download result.

Then try it on some of your other gadgets and see if the data matches up.

To ensure you get comparable results, make sure you do the test from the same spot in the home.

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