Can I drive my car with a brake light out? | The Sun

BRAKE lights are one of the most important features on a vehicle.

But is it illegal to drive with a break light out, even if you cause a serious collision – we explain.

Is it illegal to drive with a brake light out?

Brake lights are a vital part of a vehicle as they tell those behind us that you're slowing down or stopping your vehicle.

By law, you need to have both brake lights in working order.

However, as they're positioned in the back of your car it's no surprise that it may take some time for you to realise that a bulb has gone out.

It's also possible a brake light could've gone out whilst you were driving which you wouldn't have been aware of.

If one or both of your brake lights are out, other drivers might not be able to tell and it could cause a crash.

As it is illegal for you to drive with a brake light out, you should replace it as soon as you've become aware it needs replacing.

If you're pulled over by the police, they may be lenient on you and allow you to go with a verbal warning or a Roadside Prohibition Notice which would give you ten days to get the problem fixed.

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What is the fine for driving with a brake light out?

If you're unlucky, you might end up receiving a hefty fine and further punishment.

For having a brake light out, you could be fined up to £60 and receive three penalty points on your licence.

You'll also receive a vehicle defect rectification notice, which means you must get the issue fixed within 14 days and have proof you have done so.

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It'd also recommended you don't use your car until your brake light is fixed.

The worse case scenario is that your vehicle is towed away – although this is unusual.

What to do to fix a broken brake light?

The best place to get a brake light fixed is a garage.

Halfords offer a bulb fitting service meaning you don't have to replace it yourself.

However, you can fix a brake light at home but you should always consult an expert before you attempt to.

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There may be multiple factors as to why your brake light is out so make sure you get it looked at if you're unsure as to why it's out.

You should check your brake lights once a week to ensure you aren't pulled over but also to avoid an accident.

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