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A MECHANIC with 55 years experience has revealed how you can save hundreds when running the air con in your car.

Scotty Kilmer, who has more than 55 years experience, urged drivers to be aware of how to get the most out of their vehicles.

The motors whizz boasts nearly 6 million subscribers on YouTube and often hands out valuable tips and advice to fellow motor enthusiasts.

In a video uploaded to his channel, Scotty explained the reasoning behind his latest piece of advice.

He explained to viewers that there was a proper way to run air con and save stacks of cash.

Scotty said that it is better for your motor to use the air recirculation button while running the air con.

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The experienced mechanic said: "It is better to use the air recirculation button.

"This is because if you are using air con and have fresh air, all the hot air will come into your car and cooling it down will take more energy.

"It will also wear everything out faster."

Scotty continued: "But if you put it on recirculation, once it gets cool, it takes the cool air you're already breathing and cools down air that isn't 100 degrees.

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"This is far more efficient and makes the refreshing cool air last longer."

The motors whizz says that it's also important to remember that most cars are not hermetically sealed.

Scotty added: "If you had a car that was perfectly sealed you wouldn't run it on recirc all the time you'd have carbon dioxide from you breathing out inside."

The experienced mechanic also warned any car owners that the recirculation function is not a "carbon dioxide scrubber".

This means that those who have more well-sealed cars should not be afraid to crack the window open a tiny bit.

However, Scotty did reiterate that the threat of carbon dioxide is unlikely because "hardly any cars are perfectly sealed".

Despite being posted less than 24 hours ago, Scotty's new video has already racked up over 66,000 views.

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