I'm a car expert who has washed hundred of motors – I keep a 55p B&M item in my boot… cleaning is so much easier | The Sun

A CAR expert has revealed a 55p B&M product that makes cleaning much easier.

The hygiene whizz took to TikTok to share tips on how to leave your motor spotless and make it run better.

Using only a bottle of kitchen cleaner, she explained three cleaning hacks, one of which can actually save you money.

First of all, she walked drivers through how to leave their wheel rims sparkling even after heavy use.

She said: "After the car has been used for a long time, the wheel hub will become yellow and dark.

"We just need to pour toilet cleaner on the hub and rinse it with water.



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"The wheels will be as clean as new."

Next, the expert demonstrated how to fix a common maintenance issue.

If your car is shaking while it idles, it is likely due to your spark plugs misfiring.

This is often caused by carbon fouling, where excess carbon builds up on the plugs and clogs them.

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Fouling can be caused by factors including weak ignition, poor quality fuel and low temperatures.

Fortunately, all you need is a bit of kitchen cleaner or bleach to blast off the stubborn stains.

Simply poor the cleaning fluid into a container and pop the metal end of the spark plugs in for about five minutes.

A quick wipe should see them looking shiny and new and fix up any timing issues.

Just be careful to only submerge the metal part of the plug or you could damage it.

Finally, you can even fix your car's fuel economy with a similar trick.

If you notice that your vehicle is consuming more fuel, it can be a result of more carbon fouling, this time on the oxygen sensor.

A fault sensor can disrupt essential functions like engine timing and the air-to-fuel ratio in the cylinder.

When issues crop up with these functions, it makes the car work harder and consume more fuel.

Again just take out the sensor and pop the metal end in just enough cleaning fluid to submerge it.

Then, as with the spark plugs, just give it a wipe and reconnect it.

As always, make sure to be cautious when working with strong cleaning products.

If any bleach gets on your hands or in your eyes wash thoroughly with water and seek medical attention if you suffer a burn.

It is advisable to wear gloves and, if you want to be extra safe, eye protection during the cleaning process.

Also, try and dress in older clothes that you don't care about as bleach stains can ruin your glad rags.

Social media commenters loved the handy hacks.

One wrote: "I didn't know that thanks."

Another added: "I’ve learned a lot from you."



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