Map reveals areas with the worst drivers… as one sees 10,000 motorists with six licence points – is yours on the list? | The Sun

A MAP has revealed the areas in the UK with the worst drivers – with one city seeing more than 10,000 motorists with six licence points.

There's even one postcode with thousands of drivers who have clocked up a heap of points against their names.

But one city has been labelled the worst – and that's Bradford.

There, a whopping 11,278 have six or more points on their licence.

Other areas have drivers who have clocked up similar stats, according to the government.

In Croydon, a massive 6,126 motorists have notched up the worrying points while behind the wheel.

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Elsewhere, in parts of Leicester and Slough, more than 5,000 drivers had more than six points on their licence.

Other parts of Lecister and Slough, Gloucester, North West London, Northampton, and East London had more than 4,000 motorists living there who have been breaking the rules.

Last month the postcodes where drivers have the most points on the licences were revealed.

Motorists had been driving badly across the country, with one region seeing more than one in ten drivers who live there having three or more points.

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Figures showed that a total of 2,781,954 drivers across England, Scotland and Wales currently had at least three points on their driving licences for motoring offences.

And those in Halifax were the worst offenders, with 10,947 drivers recorded as having three or more points currently, according to figures published in September.

This is a whopping 10.7 per cent out of 102,350 licensed motorists who live there.

John Wilmot, chief executive of LeaseLoco, said at the time: "Almost three million motorists in England, Scotland and Wales have at least three penalty points on their driving licences, with a large number of these fines incurred for speeding.

"Motorists need to remember that endorsements stay on your licence for between four and eleven years, depending on the offence committed.

"Having points on your licence will almost certainly lead to a higher insurance premium as insurers consider the risk factors associated with a given customer when calculating the premiums.

"And at a time when millions of people are already struggling with the cost of living, higher car insurance premiums will sting more than ever.

"With car insurance premiums already significantly higher than 12 months ago, and not likely to fall any time soon, committing a motoring offence isn't just a danger to other road users, it is likely to significantly hurt you in the pocket too."

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