I’ve sold cars for 40 years – asking for ‘out the door’ price will save you THOUSANDS on your next motor | The Sun

A MAN who has sold cars for more than 40 years has revealed how asking for the "out the door price" will save buyers "thousands of pounds".

Many customers dread dealing with tricky car salesman as they attempt to buy a car without breaking the bank.

For many drivers the monthly repayment figure is their main focus or so called "deal breaker."

Most customers have a ceiling figure they don't want to go past, despite the winning banter of salesmen.

Now a veteran car dealer has lifted the lid on some of the mystique that surrounds the car trade, and provided punters with some crucial advice.

Ray Shefska, who sold motors for 43 years, discussed the subject with his son Zach on YouTube.

Ray said that the the "out the door price" was one of the key things that dealers do not want you to know.

Ray, when asked by his son to explain the term, said: "The out the door price is the agreed upon selling price including all dealers accessories, all taxes and fees.

"The out the door price is the bottom line price of the vehicle as if you were going to write a cheque for it.

"Dealerships don't want you to ask about that . Dealers want you to ask about the monthly payment. "

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Zach explained that the monthly payment was subject to many variables but the "out door the price" was "the same in every dealership no matter where you go."

And Zach said that when you ask for the "out the door price" all the variables and hidden costs appear in an itemised list.

Zach said that once you have asked for this price you have "taken control of the situation" and are able to negotiate on some of the variables.

And Zach added that sales staff were not keen to discuss the subject with customers.

Ray added that it might because sales managers did not want them to discuss the "out the door price."

He said: "They might get beaten around the head and told to get them back on monthly payments."

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