‘I’m a pro cleaner – using a spatula to clean my kitchen has been game-changing’

A cleaning enthusiast has waxed lyrical about the handiness of one common utensil for cleaning the ‘hard to reach’ areas of your home.

Kitchen cleaning is dreaded by many because of the sheer amount of grime that collects in the area. Countertops are particularly dirty, as they’re often wiped down with bacteria-laden clothes that spread germs even further.

Fortunately, deep cleaning could be made easier with the help of one utensil everyone has in their kitchen drawer.

Jetlag Remedy, a bespoke housekeeping company from Australia, shared the useful life hack in a TikTok that reached more than 75,000 users.

The woman in the video declared: “Here are three household cleaning hacks that are actually useful that I use as a pro cleaner.”

“My first [hack] is being able to get greasy grime out with ease by wrapping a spatula with micro cloth and pushing it along those hard to get into areas.”

Holding a spatula, the cleaner wrapped the end of the utensil with a microfibre cloth so it could reach the crooks and crannies of her kitchen.

The shape edges are particularly useful for removing grime from the tight corners where dirt easily gets trapped, which would otherwise be hard to reach.  

Once the head of the spatula is wrapped, she glides a corner along the edge of her stove, showing viewers all the debris collected by her cloth.  

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The handle of the utensil offers more leverage when cleaning elevated areas, and helping reach shelves and other such areas.

Demonstrating the hack, the cleaner noted: “You can see here, it’s so effective, it’s super quick, it causes no damage and it’s just super easy.

“It can be used around stoves, in sinks, in bathrooms, I love this one,” she added.  

The clip racked up more than 6,000 likes, inciting some to share their alternative cleaning hacks in the comments.

“I use old toothbrushes for cracks and crevices,” penned one viewer, while another chimed in: “I use a toothpick!”

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