Cleaning fan shares ‘brilliant’ tip for removing rust from metal

A cleaning enthusiast has shared her tip to remove signs of rusting from metal appliances within seconds, using ketchup.

The hack comes from Sarah Brigstock, who took to Facebook’s group for Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips after discovering an incredible method.

She wrote: “Embarrassing really but this was the pedestal mirror that I have on my dressing table that had gone rusty from where I remove my daily contact lenses from their pot.

“I used the tomato sauce/tin foil trick and look how well it’s come up – so happy as I bought this mirror from M&S and didn’t want to replace it.”

The post left users baffled, garnering more than 338 reactions from viewers who couldn’t quite believe how “great” the mirror looked after the cleaning.

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One person wrote: “Makes you wonder what ketchup does to our insides lol. Your mirror looks great”.

To which the poster replied: “Probably the combination of the tin foil and the sauce. So maybe wise not to swallow tin foil whilst dipping chips in ketchup… just in case.”

When one viewer asked for more instructions on how the hack worked the poster answered: “Squirt the sauce, scrunch up a piece of tin foil and use the foil to scrub the surface…”

Another person joked: “That’s all ketchup is good for […] brilliant job you have done though.”

“That’s a brilliant result, just as well you didn’t rush out & buy a new one,” quipped another person. 

One of the major reasons ketchup has been earmarked for its cleaning abilities is because it contains the holy grail ingredient vinegar.

The condiment is revered in the world of cleaning because it can cut through many different types of grime.

Experts at the Spruce have previously explained: “Even the tomatoes contain a bit of critical acid like lemons that can aid in cleaning.”

They added: “Ketchup, which most of us have on hand, can be used to clean lots of things around the house.”

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