I’m a plumber – people don’t realise what the numbers on their radiator knobs do

Many people don’t realise what the numbers on their radiator knobs mean. The knob on the side of your radiators is known as a thermostatic radiator valve (TRV).

Knowing how to use a TRV correctly could help Britons save money on their energy bills. Not all radiators have them but if yours does, the valve can be used to limit or turn off the flow of hot water to the radiator.

The TRV can help reduce the amount of gas the boiler needs to burn to heat up the water in the heating system.

If your radiators don’t have TRVs, then it may be worth getting radiators that do as a study by Salford University has found that a typical central heating system uses 42 percent less gas when they have one.

Nathan Martin-Nicholls, a plumber at INHOUSE Plumbing and Heating, said that one of the most common questions he gets asked is what the numbers on the radiator dial mean.

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Most people assume the numbers refer to the temperature of the radiator but this is actually completely incorrect.

Nathan told The Sun: “The numbers actually relate to the temperature in the room, not the temperature of the radiator.”

The TRV detects the temperature of a room and then controls how much hot water flows into the radiator.

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The TRV will be able to tell if a room is cold and allow more hot water to flow into the radiator.

It should also be able to tell if a room is warm and restrict the amount of hot water it’s allowing to flow into the radiator to maintain the temperature of the room.

The numbers on the TRV should roughly correspond to the temperature of the room. For example:

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0 = 0°C (off)

✱ = 7°C (usually a snowflake symbol or full stop)

1 = 10°C

2 = 15°C

3 = 20°C

4 = 25°C

5 = 30°C

The plumber said the main benefit of TRVs is that they will save Britons money on their heating bills if they are used correctly.

On average, households could save up to £75 per year if they have TRVs, according to British Gas.

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