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BRITISH drivers of electric cars could be at risk of an "invasion" as a Chinese-made model becomes this country's best-seller.

UK motorists splashing out thousands of pounds on EVs have been warned hackers pose a risk to brakes and steering as China sales soar.

New figures showing China's increasing market dominance come amid concerns an "invasion" could not only put motorists at risk but also "paralyse" the UK.

MPs have raised alerts about China's EV efforts, while Britain pursues a "Net Zero" ban on new petrol and diesel motors from 2030.

Concerns have now heightened after it was revealed China's share of the European EV market has doubled in the past two years.

The Chinese-produced MG4 was second only in UK sales in the first half of the year to the Model Y made by Elon Musk's company Tesla.

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Surges in China sales come amid experts warning how their EVs could be equipped with spyware or other devices to remotely control them.

Only Sweden had a higher proportion of new car buys from China than Britain's five per cent, according to new data from Schmidt Automotive Research.

China's share of the EV market across Europe is said to have leapt from 0.9 per cent in 2019 to 2.8 per cent so far this year.

The country is also said to being leading in the production of much-prized EV batteries, the Guardian reported.

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The new stats come amid warnings about potential risks to EV drivers.

There are warnings Chinese government-linked groups have potential powers to control control EVs remotely.

A cross-party MPs' group has cautioned the UK's car market could lose "critical infrastructure" control to China when it comes to EVs.

And they also pointed to what they described as "all the attendant security risks".

Former home secretary Dame Priti Patel has suggested Britain slow the transition to EVs if a China "influx" threatens to not only wipe out the car industry here but also pose security risks.

She said: "Under no circumstances can we revert backwards and end up being dependent on nations like China."

Britain last year had more than 265,000 battery-electric cars registered, a 40 per cent increase on 2021.

Other complaints made about EVs cover their cost, usefulness and safety.

Car manufacturers Vauxhall recently revealed two thirds of council areas across the UK have no roadside chargers for EVs.

Among the poorest-served blackspots were Cumbria, Somerset and Yorkshire.

EV drivers can find themselves having to buy and install their own costly home charging points.

Recently a mechanic with 55 years' experience gave three reasons EV prices were falling, while an owner provided three for trading in a Mercedes 250 EQA as he went back to diesel.

Another car expert outlined why he believes EVs "aren't the future", after taking the newest Porsche model for a spin.

More motoring gurus have shared advice on the five most common complaints from EV drivers as well as how best to fix them.

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EVs have also been accused of killing off garages, making pavements dangerous and taking up parking.

And there have been complaints about charging-point costs, sell-on prices and windshield wipers.

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