I'm a tech expert and the type of house you live in can have a major effect on your Wi-Fi speed – how to fix it | The Sun

YOUR home and the way its built could be the hidden culprit for your Wi-Fi woes, an expert has revealed.

There are all sorts of objects that can disrupt Wi-Fi signals around the house.

But the material used to build it could be the main problem behind any issues you're having.

And it turns out older house are more likely to create Wi-Fi chaos.

Whereas new builds are probably fine.

"Old houses are rubbish for signal," YouTuber and TikToker Wades Ramsey told The Sun.

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"New houses are just plasterboard so you get really good Wi-Fi."

You could try Wi-Fi extenders and mesh networks to fix it.

"I've got an old house and I've got access points everywhere because I just can't get signal around," Wades Ramsey explained.

Kitchen Wi-Fi killer

Another place people tend to have issues is when they put their broadband router in the kitchen.

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Amber Pine, Managing Director of Broadband and Talk at Sky, previously told The Sun that kitchens in extensions are a particular problem nowadays.

"So the steel, particularly now with modern technology, you get those big beams that people use to do their kitchen extensions," she said.

"If people put their hub in that space actually it’s incredibly hard for the hub to access the main home then because it then has to go through those steel beams.

"So just think wisely, I think, if you’ve done an extension where you’re going to put your hub afterwards and actually it might be worth doing a little bit of rewiring to make sure it’s in a really central place again if the extension has changed things."

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