Home decor mistakes ‘devaluing your home by thousands’

Phil Spencer shares the reason your home isn’t selling

1. Clutter

Eric Bramlett, owner of Bramlettresidential.com, said: “The initial impression a potential buyer forms when they enter a home is so important.

“A cluttered environment can instantly give off a chaotic and unwelcoming vibe, potentially deterring buyers right from the outset.

“Clutter has the deceptive ability to make rooms appear much smaller than they are, leading buyers to believe that the house lacks the necessary storage or living space they need.

“Homes often possess beautiful architectural nuances or unique features that can be major selling points, but clutter can overshadow these aspects preventing potential buyers from even noticing them.

“Buyers could also wonder if a homeowner who hasn’t decluttered might also be neglecting essential repairs and upkeep.”

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Clutter can also induce feelings of stress and anxiety, which buyers may feel when walking around the home.

2. Bold paint choices

The choice of paint colour in a home is more than just an aesthetic decision, as it plays a pivotal role in shaping areas of the home.

Paint can also influence a buyer’s decision, and they are more likely to go for a neutral home in colour to avoid garish bold paints.

The expert explained: “Extremely vivid or unusual paint colours can deter potential buyers, especially those who struggle to visualise beyond the existing decor.

“Not every buyer has the imagination to see potential. I recommend opting for neutral shades that possess warm undertones as they make spaces feel inviting and offer a timeless appeal, ensuring that the home remains attractive to potential buyers for a longer duration.

“Leaning towards neutrals and considering the broader market can be instrumental in enhancing a property’s appeal and value.”

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3. Following TikTok trends

TikTok is great for showing all kinds of DIY hacks and furniture hacks which can often be a common pitfall for homeowners looking to increase their property’s value.

Eric noted: “Take the Cottagecore aesthetic, which has garnered an astonishing 14.9 billion views on TikTok. This trend, characterised by its romanticised rural and vintage elements, is undoubtedly one of the biggest interior design movements to gain traction on the platform.

“However, while the aesthetic can be enchanting in certain settings, it might not be universally appealing, especially when applied to central home spaces like the kitchen.”

A Cottagecore-inspired kitchen can easily tip into a cluttered and chaotic space if not executed, so try sticking to a more classic design, neutral and timeless.

4. Neglecting the master bedroom

The property pro continued: “Often homeowners pour their energy and resources into updating communal spaces like living rooms or kitchens, believing these to be the primary areas of interest for potential buyers.

“So they might unintentionally neglect one of the most intimate and crucial spaces, the master bedroom. This room serves as a sanctuary, and a private retreat within the home, and its condition can significantly influence a buyer’s perception of the entire property.

“Thankfully, updating the master bedroom doesn’t necessarily require a massive budget or extensive renovations. Simple, cost-effective changes can make a world of difference.

“For instance, a fresh coat of neutral paint can instantly refresh and modernise the room, making it feel more spacious and welcoming.

“Modern lighting fixtures can transform the ambience, adding warmth and sophistication. Decluttering the space and incorporating well-styled decor can make the room feel curated and comfortable, allowing potential buyers to imagine themselves settling in with ease.”

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