PS5 owners are just realizing your games can be ruined without 3 little-known hacks – the first stops 'log in' nightmare | The Sun

PLAYSTATION owners can stop three common problems from ruining their gaming session.

Check your PS5 settings now to make sure you're not making any common mistakes.


One of the biggest gaming nightmares is when you log in to play a title and it needs an update.

Some games require huge updates before you can play them.

And if you've only got a short time to play, you might find yourself locked out entirely.

Thankfully you can simply set your games to automatically update so that this doesn't happen.

Go to Settings > System > System Software Update and Settings to make sure automatic updates are turned on.

Then do the same in Settings > Saved Data and Game Settings.

It'll only work if you leave your PS5 in Rest Mode.

To set Rest Mode up properly, go to Settings > System > Power Saving > Features > Available in Rest Mode.

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Then when you turn your PS5 off in future, choose Rest Mode.

Game Help

Another gaming nightmare is when you get stuck – especially if it's on a tricky puzzle.

You can struggle for hours on it, potentially killing any enjoyment you were getting from the game.

That's why Sony invented a feature called Game Help that can give you a nudge in the right direction.

It's only available to PS Plus subscribers, so make sure you have an active membership first.

Then when you get stuck in a game, press the PS button on your DualSense controller.

If the PlayStation title is supported by Game Help, a hint card will appear.

Tap it and you'll be able to choose the objective and hint using L1/R1.

You can also pin these hints to the side of the screen so you can keep playing with the clues visible.

Game Spoiler Blocker

Like movies, video games can have thrilling and twisty storylines.

So seeing a spoiler for a game you're playing can ruin your fun.

A clip or screenshot could appear on your Home Screen that reveals something important about a future point in a game's story.

Similarly, a PlayStation friend could message you with a screenshot that reveals a future part of a game.

But it's very easy to set up Spoiler Warnings on your PS5.

Go to Settings > Saved Data and Game/App Settings > Spoiler Warnings.

Then turn on Warn About Game Spoilers.

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You can choose either Only Spoilers Identified By Game Developers, or Everything You Haven't Seen Yet.

But be warned: this only works for PS5 games and not older titles.

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