Driveway oil stains lift first time without scrubbing with item you already own

Driveways are a very desirable feature of houses, but they need regular maintenance for them to look their best.

Weeds, moss, algae, lichen and car oil spillages are just a few things that stain patio driveway slabs. Of them all, oil stains are the hardest to get rid of.

Taking to the Mrs Hinch Army Cleaning Tips, one woman asked how to get rid of a large oil stain covering her driveway.

Posting a picture of the spillage, Chloe Rourke said: “Oil on the drive. Does anyone have any idea of how to remove it?”

From patio cleaners to natural alternatives, group members have shared a few suggestions as to what Chloe can use.

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A recommendation that kept cropping up was to use washing powder. Mrs Hinch fans claimed that this household staple absorbs all the oil leaving the driveway clean.

Becky Stevens said: “Any washing powder will do. We had the same problem and it worked amazingly.”

Natasha Reynolds wrote: “When my husband’s van leaked, I tried everything but only washing powder worked to soak up the oil.”

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Julie Rowlands commented: “Washing powder, leave for a bit, then sprinkle with water and you should be good.”

Leila Mckay replied: “Washing powder. I left it for 48 hours, then scooped it up before rinsing and it vanished.”

Sharon Williams instructed: “Douse it in washing powder and it works really well the first time without scrubbing.”

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For those looking for a different household remedy to clear away driveway oil stains, Rowan Cripps, founding director and Paving Specialist at Infinite Paving told that you can use cola.

He said: “One of the more unexpected items to use is cola, but it actually has a reputation for its capacity to remove or break down old oil stains.

“The product contains citric oil, which has a high acidity, helping the beverage to eat away at the stain.”

Rowan noted that for best results, pour two cans onto the stained area and leave them overnight, before rinsing any leftovers away with water.

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