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A MECHANIC who has fixed hundreds of motors has revealed five little-known ways your car will fail its MOT.

Paul Maynard, from at ATS Euromaster, has listed key mistakes that can cause a disappointing test and leave you hundreds out of pocket.

Millions of Brits struggle to pass their MOT each year – and they are slapped with repairing bills worth up to £300 to fix their cars.

Luckily, a car expert has now warned drivers of the things they can avoid to prevent their cars from being damaged.

1. Car horn

You should be careful with their car horn – as it can cause your vehicle to fail its MOT.

Paul said drivers should listen to the sound the horn makes – as it needs to sound property for your vehicle to pass.

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He said: "Your horn needs to sound properly with an appropriate warning sound for your vehicle to pass, as they are primarily used for alerting other drivers as to your whereabouts and are, essentially, a safety feature."

However, if the sound is too loud, it could distract or scare other drivers and cause a potential road hazard.

2. Potholes 

According to the AA, breakdowns caused by potholes jumped by nearly a fifth last month due to the ­weather.

There are currently a shocking 1 million potholes in the UK – causing thousands of pounds worth of damage to cars across the nation. 

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The motor expert recommends drivers to always check for possible tyre damage before their test to "save an average cost of £200 to have it put right during an MOT". 

3. Seatbelt wear and tear

Seatbelts are a key safety feature – but they are often forgotten by drivers before a test.

Mr Maynard explained: "If a frayed seat belt is not tended to, drivers are risking their own safety as well as their passengers.

"A worn-out belt is unlikely to click in place securely and may come loose with a tug, meaning they are not safe.

"A new seatbelt could cost you up to £100, so keeping it in good condition will avoid incurring any additional costs."

4. Dirty car 

Some drivers can fail the MOT before the test has even begun.

Your mechanic can refuse to carry out a test if your vehicle is too dirty.

For this, Paul recommends to always keep your plate clean and visible during your test – so that road users and speed cameras can easily identify it. 

The expert explained: "An unclear registration plate can also lead to an on-the-spot fine of £1,000.

"Under the Highway Code, drivers must ensure lights, indicators, reflectors and number plates must be kept clean and clear as part of vehicle maintenance."

5. Fluid levels

The amount of fluid levels in your vehicle need to meet the minimum standard to pass the MOT.

So drivers should check it in advance and change it if it needs to.

If it is too low and no water can spray out, then your mechanic can fail your car. 

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The motorist said: "A surprising MOT fail comes from the fluid level of your windscreen wash – running out of water in your screen wash bottle would count as a fail.

"Fluid costs, on average, £12, so make sure to keep some handy so that you don’t fall short of the minimum level before an MOT."

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