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AN expert mechanic has revealed three cars that will cost you the most in repair bills.

Scotty Kilmer, who has 55 years of experience in the motors industry, took to his YouTube channel to warn drivers against buying these models.

Scotty singled out the Alfa Romeo Stelvio, Jeep Wrangler and Dodge Challenger as the "least reliable cars to buy as a daily driver".

On the Alfa said: "They're terrible, they fall apart.

"You don't buy the Alfa and drive it 30,000 miles a year unless you want bottomless money pit bills."

While he did admit that it was a "good looking car" with a great transmission, the reliability was a major issue for him.


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He also mentioned that there are relatively few dealers that can work on them as Alfa is not a major brand on the same level as names like Audi or BMW.

Next, Scotty turned his attention to the Jeep Wrangler.

Despite its £63,900 ($80,000) price tag, he recommended it for drivers who fancy a bit of rugged offroading but warned against using it day-to-day.

He even praised Jeep's improvements in ride quality and in-car tech.

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However, he said that while they "look great" they break down "faster than a marriage".

Between that and its low fuel economy, Scotty's verdict was that the Wrangler is just too costly to justify as a daily ride for most people.

Finally, he took aim at the Dodge Challenger, which he said was best for "zooming around in" than using on the daily.

He said: "It'll get you where you're going and it'll be fun to drive."

However, the V8 model "scared the bejeezus out of him" as the 750 horsepower engine was, in his opinion, too powerful for the car.

This also led to issues over the long term with fuel economy, tyres and the transmission, the latter of which can be especially difficult and expensive to replace.

Social media commenters shared their appreciation for the advice.

One wrote: "Scotty is the greatest car guy on YouTube."

Another added: "Scotty [is] like the dad we didn’t know we need."

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