‘Best’ tip to line dry clothes ‘faster’ while stoping laundry turning ‘crisp’

The summer provides great weather for drying clothes outside and won’t cost households a penny.

Sunlight is a natural sanitising and bleaching agent, and line drying keeps clothes in better condition than drying them in a machine.

However, often laundry can stiffen when being line dried the wrong way, claim experts at Ace. 

They said: “If you’re not careful, clothes can become crisp and dry and lose their fluffiness. There’s an art to drying in the open air.”

Give clothes space to dry 

For those intending to put a whole wash onto a clothesline, try and remember that the air needs to be able to “circulate around the items to ensure a quality, even and fast dry”. 

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Households should be leaving an inch between each item and this will give them the space they need to blow in the wind and dry. 

Shuffle clothes around 

Different materials will dry at different rates, so it’s important to “move the clothes around”. 

Check on the clothes every 30 to 45 minutes, removing any dry clothing and shuffling the slower-drying items into more “effective drying spots” for the “best way to dry them faster”. 

For those who have a rotating washing line, it could be a matter of a 180-degree spin to get the other side into the sunlight, which will be “great for your whites”.  

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Shake clothes before hanging them on the line 

An “easy solution” to stiff line drying is to give clothing a good shake when hanging it on the line. 

Doing this is comparable to how a dryer tumbles the items inside to fluff up laundry. 

While it’s not quite as efficient as tumbling the clothing for half an hour, shaking them before putting them on “helps keep them softer”.

Clean the washing line

Don’t forget to take a warm, damp, clean cloth with you when taking the washing out. 

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Washing lines have been out in the elements, sometimes for days or even weeks, and will have picked up all the dust and dirt in the air. 

Hanging light-coloured clothing on a dirty line will result in devastating dirty marks. 

Using a warm cloth to wipe down the line will ensure that all dirt is removed, and it’s therefore safe for freshly washed items. 

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