‘I found £4 vintage Pokémon cards – some resell for £7,500’

One man is sharing how he found his “best ever” haul while thrift shopping at Goodwill which could be worth thousands.

Scott is a professional thrifting expert and reseller who shares the deals and savings he makes on his TikTok channel (@scott_flips_2_freedom).

Recently, the content creator discovered a hidden set of old Pokémon cards in a Goodwill grab bag.

These bags include miscellaneous items and are usually priced at around $5 (£3.95), according to the thrifter.

While he stopped short of saying how much he personally could get from the cards he found, some first edition Pokémon cards could be worth up to $9,594 (£7571.11).

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@scott_flips_2_freedom This is the absolute craziest Goodwill find ive hit so far this year and probably ever!!!! #thrifting #omg #grailed #flipping #goodwill #goodwillfinds ♬ original sound – Scott_Flips_2_Freedom

In a recent video, Scott documented his surprising find which he referred to as his “best ever” thrifting haul.

He explained: “This has to be my best Goodwill find ever. So, I always check the grab bags and I’m looking for three things.

“Number one: old vintage toys. Two is going to be any kind of collectables and number three is just anything my four-year-old might like for me to come home with.

“I always have good luck with grab bags but nothing quite like this. I spotted this Pokémon tin and these things are sold with cards in them but usually Goodwill will take them out.

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The content creator tried shaking the bag to see if the tin had anything in it and was able to slightly open it to reveal Pokemon cards from the ’90s.

Despite being from a recently manufactured Pokémon tin, the cards inside were in fact decades old and worn out.

Among the popular characters from the monster franchise featured in the cards were Zapados and Diglet.

Some of the cards included in the hidden pile were first editions which could go for a lot of money.

The thrifting expert added: “This is why I love thrifting because it’s like modern-day treasure hunting.

“To be honest, I’m not even sure that it’s ever going to be crazier than this. Maybe it’s because I’m a closet nerd and I know all about Pokémon to begin with.

When asked by a viewer if they can make money with their sleeved cards that are in their attic, he responded: “No way. You could be sitting on a gold mine.”

Those interested in finding out the best thrifting and reselling advice can learn more by following Scott on TikTok (@scott_flips_2_freedom).

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