Sky TV customers urged to make simple check to stop their favourite shows from cutting out | The Sun

SKY TV customers have been encouraged to conduct a simple check to make sure their favourite shows don't cut out unexpectedly.

The task takes two-minutes, and can save customers tons of time and faff, as one customer recently found out.

Writing in a help forum on Sky's website, a customer going by the name of Lee said he was struggling with his Sky Q mini boxes going offline suddenly.

"I have Sky Q with two Q mini boxes, just recently we have noticed the mini Q boxes will go offline but within a minute come back on.

"This is happening between five – 10 times a day.

"All boxes are wired and not on Wi-Fi.


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"I have done the normal power off and powered everything off and then back on.

"This is becoming really annoying and I just can't seem to solve this.

"My house has a full fibre connection and I don't have any other issues."

After closer inspection, the issue turned out to be a faulty ethernet network switch.

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This is the block that an ethernet cable plugs into.

Lee replaced it and has had no issues since, according to the help forum.

Using an ethernet cable or network cable can connect a device directly to the router, so you can get top speeds that aren't impacted by wireless connection strength.

To check it's working properly, simply check the Wi-Fi signal strength on your ethernet-connected Sky Q box.

If it's lagging, and the cable is plugged in properly, then you may need to replace the switch box.

These can be found for around £10-£15 online.

And if you're only just hearing about how ethernet cable's can give your Sky Q a speed boost, you can simply set your own up by following these steps:

Go to your Sky Qs Settings > Setup > Network > Reset > select Wired Connection.

Then connect an Ethernet cable from the Sky Q box to one of the yellow ports on your router.

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