We're fuming at 'filthy rich' Ferrari owner who parked his £250k motor in a cop-only spot on our beautiful sea front | The Sun

NEIGHBOURS living by a picturesque beach are at their wits end thanks to a 'filthy rich' Ferrari owner who has parked his £250k motor on a cop's parking bay.

The offender moved his 812 Superfast onto the private police bay on Wharf Road in St Ives, Cornwall last week.

One local snapped the supercar occupying the space, which is marked with yellow lines and has the word 'POLICE' painted across.

The photo was then posted online, with one viewer slamming the culprit for their "entitled" behaviour.

Another user condemned what they viewed as a "prime example of the filthy rich, believing they are above the law".

While the bay is naturally not to be used by locals, the space serves as a convenient access point to the gorgeous seafront.

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The Ferrari 812 Superfast retails for an eye-watering range of £220,000 and £300,000, and is the manufacturer's most powerful road driven car ever designed.

The sleek sports car can sprint to 124mph (200kmh) in just 7.9 seconds – about the same time a MINI Cooper will hit 62mph.

Devon and Cornwall Police have on occasion been seen driving a Lotus Evora GT410 Sport, however it is unlikely this vehicle is being used for police purposes across the region.

It comes after fellow residents hit out at underage toffs for burying their 4×4 motors into Cornwall town's sandy shore.

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Lads who broke up from private school two weeks before the states, were reportedly known to bonk in the sand, start fires, take drugs and smash champagne bottles against the cliffs.

Elsewhere, St.Ives locals slammed tourists for swarming their idyllic coastline during the balmy summer months.

Fuming residents pointed to noise pollution, clogging traffic and widespread littering from sun-seekers flooding in from other UK cities.

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