Urgent warning to drivers over car cleaning ‘hack’ using £2 B&M item which could cost you THOUSANDS of pounds | The Sun

DRIVERS have been warned that a car cleaning hack involving a £2 B&M item could leave them with a repair bill worth thousands of pounds.

A video has shown how coconut oil bought for just £2 at B&M can buffer up the wing mirrors on a truck or car.

The video, posted by Mrs Tink, shows how smudge of the oil transformed the appearance of the wing mirrors.

After buffering up the truck she even smeared some of the oil on her face. However she added a note of caution, saying she was not sure how the hack would affect the truck in the long run.

Now a specialist insurance company has warned drivers that so called cleaning hacks promoted on social media could lead to lasting damage to their vehicles.

Cheap items bought at the supermarket could lead to damage to the car paint by harming the clear coat layer, making the paintwork look dull or even causing small scratches to spread. The damage could cost thousands to repair.

The company has now warned drivers to be wary of so called hacks promoted on social media, which could land them with big repair billsfurther down the line.

Leon Hood, Motor Trade Insurance Specialist and Trading Manager, at ChoiceQuote said : “Whilst some of these hacks can be effective, it’s clear that some of these methods could actually cause damage to vehicles and may not be worth it in the long-run.

“Therefore, we would encourage all motorists to approach these methods with caution and use the correct cleaning products that are required.

“Drivers should carry out regular maintenance of their cars and, where possible, invest in professional cleaning services.”

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