I'm a Wi-Fi expert – use little-known 'priority setting' to instantly boost router speed for your most important gadgets | The Sun

WI-FI experts at Intel have revealed a special router setting that helps you get faster internet speed for your favorite gadgets.

Not all routers will have the setting but if you find it, it's worth turning on.

The Intel Wi-Fi support page reads: "Some routers have a Quality of Service (QoS) setting that lets you control which apps have priority access to the Internet bandwidth.

"For example, you may want to prioritize video calls if you have a lot of meetings and deprioritize file downloads from the cloud.

"You can always get your files later, but you don’t want to drop a call with an important client or family member."

You'll need to log in to your router admin page to find out if you have the setting.

You could also check the manual that came with your device or your internet service provider's website.

Generally, you need to find out your router’s IP address and type that into a web browser to access an admin page.

Use your router's username and password to log in and access the settings.

The Quality of Service (QoS) setting is usually found under a Wireless Settings section.

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If you find it, you'll be able to prioritize the apps you use most.

While you're on your router's admin page, there are a few other things you can do to improve speed.

You can check what devices are using your network.

If you see any that aren't yours, remove them and change your password.

Make sure you're using the best security setting and the best frequency channel for you.

You'll find options to change these on the admin page.

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