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A TESLA owner has revealed which car he believes is far better than the electric car.

Posting on TikTok under the username Will Lee, the motorist revealed exactly what he thought about the popular manufacturer.

The Tesla owner says he is disappointed with the US brand because of its lack of comfort and handling.

And he said it was not up to scratch compared to the Chinese manufacturer Nio.

He urged drivers to purchase a Nio ET7 instead, with the motor being the prized flagship model of the brand.

The sleek EV has a bigger battery than Tesla and is a direct competitor towards the US brand.

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Will says that the Nio was "way more comfortable" than any other Tesla he had been in.

He added that the handle on the electric car was "very smooth".

And he was pleased with how when going round bends there was very little, it not any weight transfer.

The TikToker sung Nio's praises and said: "This is a different level product.

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"I would be scared if this was coming to the US because it makes America's problems look so dated."

He continued: "I hate to say it, I love my Tesla I'm a big shareholder and I want to make money there.

"But China and their cars are the future.

"I just cannot wait for NIO to come to the US market."

Will even went as far as describing driving the car as a "key milestone" in his life.

The incredible motor features an autonomous driving system which uses 33 sensors, ultrasonic radars and high-resolution scanning reaching up to 500m.

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Meanwhile, one driver blasted Elon Musk's popular EV for its "bad quality" and "rough ride".

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