Black jeans are guaranteed to not fade in the wash with tried and tested method

A pair of faded blue jeans might still look great, but faded black jeans look totally out of style.

Keeping black jeans rich and saturated in colour can be difficult – even after the first wash.

Looking for a way to stop her black jeans from turning grey, one woman took to the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook page for advice.

Jeanette Constable said: “Guys how do I stop my black jeans fading to grey?”

The post received around 80 responses from fellow group members – and they were mostly saying the same thing.

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They said that black jeans always need to be washed inside out at a cooler temperature.

Jacqueline Morgan wrote: “Turn everything inside out when washing and drying on the line then nothing will fade.”

Kimberly Williams said: “Inside out on a cold wash and use a lower speed spin. It’s guaranteed to work. This works well and has been tried and tested by my friends.”

Angela Morgan claimed: “Wash on 30 inside out and hang them to dry inside out as the sun fades them. Never have a problem with any of my black jeans.”

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Lisa Carder wrote: “Wash inside out and use a colour laundry liquid and wash on a cool 30-degree short wash.”

Isobel Grace said: “Always wash inside out, then use a Dylan fabric dye if they have faded.”

Sacha Campbell commented: “I wash them separately from everything else. Turn inside out and only use a tiny bit of washing liquid. And on a short cycle like a quick wash.”

Laundry experts at Vanish also recommend a few tips to stop dark clothes from fading in the wash.

They said: “Turn them inside out. This is particularly relevant when trying to stop black jeans fading, but all items benefit from outer fibre protection.”

The pros also recommended lowering the temperature and speed of the wash cycle.

They instructed: “Choose cooler temperatures. Hot water is a leading cause of clothes fading. You still get great results at 30 degrees.

“Use a gentle cycle. Reducing agitation is a key step in preventing coloured and black clothes fading.”

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