Britons urged to check for rare £2 and 50p coins that could be worth hundreds

People with spare change they are looking to use up may want to check if any of their coins are worth a lot more than their monetary value.

Coins that had a limited circulation or that featured a printing error can be sold for hundreds of pounds as to collectors they are a prize item.

Rare £2 and 50p are sold on eBay and other online marketplaces providing an easy way for a person with the unique item to make some extra money.

One extremely rare 50p coin recently sold for £2,500, so it’s definitely worth a person checking their change. Here are some examples of rare coins to look out for, with current prices at the time of writing.

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1992/1993 European Economic Community 50p coin

This coin is particularly rare as it’s no longer in legal circulation but a person may find one among their possessions.

The EEC coin, representing the capital cities in the EU, was withdrawn when the slimmed 50p was brought into circulation in 1997.

Several of the coins are currently on sale on eBay for around £50 with one going for £99.95. The price of this item may also go up in future because of the Brexit vote.

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Northern Ireland Commonwealth Games £2 coin

This was issued in 2002 to mark the Games being held in Manchester, with just 485,000 coins minted in Northern Ireland.

Other versions were circulated in England, Wales and Scotland, but the rare NI is particularly sought after by collectors.

The rare coin is currently on sale for £25.

2008 undated 20p coin

An easy one to miss, when the first 20p coins were issued with the coat of arms as pictured above, some were missing the year.

These coins without a date were issued in 2008 and 2009 although there will be no sign to confirm this as of course, they will not feature the year.

A number of sellers are asking for hundreds of pounds for the unusual item, with prices including £320 and £500, while one seller is asking for £800.

Gunpowder plot Guy Fawkes £2 coin

Another coin with an unfortunate typo, the ‘Remember, Remember’ saying on the side of the coin misspelt, reading instead ‘Pemember, Pemember’.

Ths coin was issued in 2005 to mark the 400th anniversary of the Gunpowder plot.

Prices online include £150 and £200 while one ambitious eBay seller is asking for £2,000 for the commemorative coin.

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