Cleaning expert shares how often you should be washing your towels

How to remove musty damp smells from towels

Humans have a massive 19 million skin cells and 650 sweat glands and there’s one bathroom item that is used every day on them – bath towels.

The bathroom is arguably the most important room in the home to keep clean as failing to do so could lead to bacteria and mould growth.

Not washing towels regularly could lead to bacteria growth as well as skin issues such as irritation, fungal infections and spots.

What’s more, the longer towels are not washed, the less effective they are at drying your body and hair.

With this in mind, online bathroom retailer Victoria Plum has teamed up with cleaning expert, Sarah Dempsey from to reveal how often towels should be washed and when they should be replaced.

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How often should you wash your towels?

Sarah said it’s recommended that you wash your towels “after three uses”. She continued: “Of course, you can wash them more often but, generally speaking, this should be sufficient.

“Although you may not see surface dirt on your towels, they still absorb sweat, body odour and skin cells – all of which can cause bacteria to grow on the material.”

The cleaning expert said hand towels, which may accumulate dirt and bad smells more quickly, will need washing more frequently.

It comes after new research from Showers to You revealed that nearly two million Britons only wash their bathroom towels once a year.

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The research also found that a third of the UK admitted to only washing their towels “every three months” which equates to roughly 17 million people.

How often should you buy new towels?

When to replace towels depends on the quality and condition of the towel in question.

However, Sarah said it’s generally recommended that Britons replace their towels “every two to three years”.

She said: “You can usually tell if your towels have come to the end of their life as they may no longer feel soft or as absorbent as they did previously.”

If a towel is musty, even after it’s been washed, this may be a sign it needs to be replaced.

Another sign a towel needs to be replaced is fabric thinning and fraying.

Some experts suggest that homeowners should keep a towel for five years maximum.

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