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A CAR cleaning expert has revealed a 30p product that will leave your motor spotless.

The motor maintenance whizz took to TikTok to share the handy hack with viewers.

The Californian cleaning guru, known as Pitbull Tiger online, said: "Here's a little tip for you guys.

"When you go to a car show or an event and you're there for half the day, you look at your [convertible] top and there's hair and lint and all kinds of trash on it."

As a convertible owner himself, he was often frustrated by this problem but came up with a cheap and easy solution.

He revealed that the best way to deal with this was to buy a standard lint roller that would usually be used to brush down clothes.


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These are available online for almost nothing, with a wholesale back of 3 coming to 85p, or just under 30p each.

The TikToker added: "I use it for the convertible top, I just roll it and I take all the dirt off.

"Then I just change it and keep rolling and it leaves all my top super clean.

"To clean all the fabric it works perfectly…you can just stash it in the trunk."

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The only issue he found was for owners of larger cars that might need a longer lint roller to reach much of their vehicle's roof.

Beyond that, he said it was "perfect" for the job.

Social media commenters were quick to agree.

One wrote: "Good tip. I’ll use it for sure."

Another added: "My Dad chopped top his 53 Desoto and he just has it parked in the garage but if he had the soft top it is a good idea."

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