You're using your washing machine wrong – three tips to make it quieter without hurting performance | The Sun

ARE you going round in circles with your noisy washing machine and need to make the racket stop?

Whether the gadget is on uneven footing or somebody's spare change is rattling around in there, try these three tips to minimise the sound.

These tricks are a must-know if you work from home, or sound-sensitive people living with you.

Get off on the right foot 

Vivien Fodor, Laundry Category Manager at appliance company Whirlpool urges homeowners to fork out that little bit extra to get their machine fitted properly.

"Make sure your washing machine is properly installed," she said.

"It should be level so pay close attention to the feet on the appliance to make sure they are adjusted properly.



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"This can help your machine to avoid knocking against the floorboards or excessively vibrating."

Avoid overloading 

While it might seem like an easy way to save energy, squeezing two loads of washing into one round will turn up the volume on this sensory nightmare.

"Overfilling a washing machine can increase the noise when the drum is spinning – instead, stick to the recommended weight of the machine," explained Fodor.

"Large capacity washing machines range go up to 10kg, which can hold up to 50 pieces of laundry."

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Cover up 

When you know you're about to wash something 'loud' – such as trainers or toys – Fodor recommends throwing something else in the drum to soften the sound.

"When washing unusual items like trainers, place them inside a wash bag to stop the shoelaces hitting the inside of the drum," she said.

"Or adding towels into the load can reduce the noise by softening the impact of the shoe against the drum. "

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