Virgin Media reveals seven little-known W-Fi 'speed killers' – including the unexpected item in your kitchen | The Sun

VIRGIN Media O2 has revealed seven surprising objects that can seriously affect your Wi-Fi connection and speed.

And some of the gadgets you dig out to keep cool this weekend could be the culprit in your household.

The company says the following items need to be kept at least two meters away from your hub to avoid possible disruption.

And aircon units and fans are at the top of the list.

So if you've got yours out for the heatwave, make sure it's not near the router.

Baby monitors and radio or speakers can also cause a problem.

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Away from everyday electronics, mirrors can interfere with Wi-Fi too.

That's because signals can effectively bounce off of them.

But among the weirdest item Virgin Media O2 has warned about is… tinfoil.

Elsewhere, paddling pools pose a problem as the water can distort signals – though it's unlikely a padding pool will be near your router.

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So if you hub is near any of these, it might be best to move them.

Gareth Lister, Virgin Media O2’s Director of Connectivity, has three key tips for users.

Firstly, don’t hide the hub away – place it high, upright somewhere it has space around it.

Make sure it's in a cool spot.

Much like mobile phones and laptops, always keep the hub indoors in a cool place, out of bright sunlight.

And avoid placing it on top of metal furniture, this might be hot and can interfere with the hub’s connectivity.

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