PS5 owners are just realizing hidden double tap button trick takes games to the next level as fans say 'it's the best' | The Sun

PLAYSTATION 5 lovers may not know about a handy trick that can level up their gaming experience.

It shouldn't come as a surprise that one of the best gaming systems in the world is the PlayStation 5.

This is due, in large part, to the amazing DualSense controller and its many features

In fact, the controller is packed with so many clever tools, that many users are aware of all of them.

One of the biggest features that users don't tend to know about is something known as "Game Help."


Game Help is exactly what you think it is. It's a tool that helps users with certain puzzles or games.

It provides handy tips and tricks that can be utilized to move on in a game.

Of course, the tool does not support all PS5 games, but the list is impressive nonetheless.

The tool, which gamers have been dubbed the best and iconic, can be accessed via your PS5 controller.


All you need to do to access Game Help is double-tap the PS Button on the PS5 DualSense Controller.

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You need to do this while in your game, which should take you to the control center.

The card of your current game activity appears on the left.

When Game Help is available, Game Help should appear on the card.

Select that card to see a list of objectives > click on the objective you want help with.

If the card contains a video, select Play. Press the PS button to return to your game.

"If you want to play your game while referring to the guide, try using Pin to Side," Sony noted.

Press the options button to see closed captions, audio settings, and multitasking options for certain kinds of Game Help.

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