I've been a car salesman for 40 years – 9 words should make you run a MILE at dealership… it's a scam | The Sun

A MOTORS expert who has flogged millions of cars has revealed the nine dreaded words which should make you run a mile.

Speaking on the CarEdge YouTube channel, Ray Shefska urged drivers to be wary of one unnecessary demand from salespeople.

In the clip, Ray is pushed for the main red flags that customers should be aware of before they head into their local dealership.

Punters should eye up the nearest exit if their dealer insists that "you need a deposit to test drive this car".

Ray goes on to warn that nosy sellers may also wish to inspect your credit score before they give you the keys.

"They need neither," he says.

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"Right there at hello, those could be two of the red flags that would pop up."

CarEdge, which has nearly 400,000 subscribers on YouTube, helps drivers with informational videos and advice on how to buy or sell a car.

It was founded in 2020 by father-son duo Ray and Zach Shefska, in a bid to create transparency in the automotive industry.

Viewers headed to the comments to commend the father-son act for the nifty tips.

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"Great video," one user said.

"I feel like I've learned all of theis sales tricks so now all my friends call me to help them buy a car."

"Do not be afraid to walk away."

Another chimed in: "Your info in these videos is fantastic.

"I wish I had watched a few before my first purchase."

It comes after Ray shared the "five dumbest things" car dealers can say to their customers.

Elsewhere, one motors whizz revealed the "big red flag" to avoid when buying a new motor, or it could end up costing you THOUSANDS.

As average prices for used motors continue to rise, the Vehicle Safe Trading Advisory Group (VSTAG) are warning drivers not to fall for scams when buying a used car.



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Ray was ask to list his main red flags at local car dealershipsCredit: You Tube/CarEdge

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