I live in a van full-time… it costs £200-a-month to travel 500 miles & there's loads of room | The Sun

A FULL-time van lifer has revealed how they travel 500 miles a month for just £200.

Coren, who runs the eco-friendly Sea for Yourself Company, took to TikTok to share her experience of life on the move.

In the video, she gave viewers a breakdown of all her monthly costs to show just how achievable it is.

Coren lives in a converted Ford Transit, which she has dubbed "Fifi" and transformed into a cosy mobile home.

Inside, she has a double bed, some space-saving storage units and homely decorations.

To take Fifi up and down the country only costs a couple of hundred pounds a month.



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Coren revealed that, as she pays no rent, it's easy to keep her costs way down.

The bulk of her expenses come in the form of buying petrol to keep Fifi fuelled up and on the go.

For 500 miles-worth of fuel, which is all she needs month-to-month, she coughs up £120.

Other than that, the only other major cost is the £80 a month she pays to stay at campsites when she stops off on her travels.

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As for energy bills, water and electricity are included in the price of the campsites and Fifi also comes decked out with solar panels on the roof to keep the power flowing when she's not parked up.

This means Coren pays absolutely nothing in rent, energy bills or council tax.

Then the only other outgoings are for things like maintenance on the van and the annual cost of an MOT as well as food bills which, according to data firm NimbleFins, work out to about £180 on average for a person living alone outside of London.

Social media commenters loved the idea of doing the same.

One wrote: "I want to live there too sell my house. I would if I was single."

Another joked: "My house is going on the market."

It comes after another van-dweller explained how he transformed his motor into an "apartment on wheels" for just £290.

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