4 house features to ‘stay away from’ that ‘won’t add value’ – ‘puts off buyers’

Phil Spencer reveals how you can add value to your property

Home improvement can cost homeowners thousands of pounds and can involve a lot of hard work. The upside of this is homes generally increase in value when the work is complete.

Many turn to social media websites like TikTok for home improvement inspiration, and while using social media for home improvement isn’t a bad idea, James Newman an interior designer from luxury house company Raffle House, warns that not all design trends will add value to homes, and could make it “harder to sell”.

He noted that there are some features households add that “won’t add value” and can even “put buyers off”. He said: “If you don’t want to waste your money, these are the trends to stay away from.”

1. DIY projects

With 1.8 billion views, #DIYhomeprojects is a popular design trend on TikTok that showcases some of the social media network’s most creative home improvements.

The tag showcases everything from DIY plant walls to homemade wooden toilet seat covers. While creative, DIY projects “should be avoided” according to James for those who want to make a good impression on their home.

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He said: “DIY projects often cost more than most budget for and without the right skillset will often cheapen the look of your home.

“When it comes time to sell your home you could put potential buyers off with your DIY as they may start to wonder, what else did you build in the home.”

The designer claimed that those who need something built in their home are always going to get a better result when hiring a professional as they know the right materials to use and how to do the job at hand to get the best finish.

2. Quirky wallpaper 

With 57.5 million views, #wallpaperdecor is another hashtag on TikTok where social media users share their wonderful wallpaper ideas to help with interior design inspiration.

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While wallpaper is increasing in popularity, using it in the home “won’t add any value”. James said: “Wallpaper is a personal choice and while quirky wallpaper can look good on a feature wall, most of the time it’s going to put off potential buyers and it is something you should remove when selling your home.”

What’s more, quirky wallpaper can be expensive depending on the sizes of the walls and it’s a cost “you won’t recuperate when you sell”.

3. Media walls 

With over 239.8 million views, the #mediawall hashtag is one of the most popular interior design trends on TikTok. A media wall usually consists of a large flat-screen TV, LED lighting and a built-in fireplace, while they are popular right now, they aren’t going to be at the top of the list of buyer must-haves.

The designer explained: “When you buy a home you often don’t want to purchase other people’s technology such as TVs as they go out of date quickly.

“The biggest problem I have with media walls is that they often are built for large TVs. If you move home and take your TV with you, the new buyer then has to buy a 65-plus-inch screen to fill the gap. Not to mention they will need to rewire the wall. A media wall may look good, but it won’t add value to your home and will put buyers off.”

4. Wooden panelling

Home improvements that can be seen often add value to a home but wood panelling can be a hit or miss when it comes to home improvements. With over 34.1 million views, the hashtag #Woodpanel is another popular TikTok design trend that should be avoided.

When done correctly, panelling can add style to a home, however on TikTok, the users are often using slat panels which are “thin and look cheap”.

James claimed: “Once again panelling is going to be a personal preference and if someone doesn’t like it, they will have to pull the panelling down and replaster the walls, which is an added expense someone won’t want when moving into a new home. Even if you do like the slat panels they can be expensive to purchase and won’t add any value to your property.”

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