WhatsApp to roll out major change that will help users lock away chats you REALLY don’t want people to see | The Sun

WHATSAPP is set to roll out a major change to its messaging service which will prevent prying eyes from seeing your chats.

Meta is working on a secret code feature for locked chats which will be made available in a future update of the popular app.

Mark Zuckerberg posted an announcement on May 15 through the official Meta Channel a new feature that allows users to lock their conversations in a protected folder.

It’s hoped this will greatly improve the privacy of conversations, even if someone did manage to gain access to your phone.

Locked conversations are invariably listed in a separate section and only accessible through the phone’s PIN or biometric authentication.

However, reports now say that WhatsApp is working on additional ways to open this section of the app, having been revealed in the latest WhatsApp beta for Android update.

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It appears WhatsApp is planning to introduce a new feature for locked chats to allow users to configure a secret code, for a future update.

It is not clear when this update will be rolled out.

WhatsApp hinted it was working on a custom password feature for locked chats in a blog post several months ago.

It seems that WhatsApp is now actively working on enhancing the privacy options by developing a secret access code feature.

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Allowing users to set a custom password for their protected chat folder will give users greater control and privacy over their locked conversations.

By setting a custom password for those protected chats it separates the privacy of these chats from the overall phone security.

Which means that even if someone did gain access to the device’s password, it won’t give them automatic access to the protected chats in the folder.

Meta declined to comment when approached by The Sun Online.

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