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A TRUSTED mechanic who's fixed thousands of cars has warned drivers why they should avoid this popular car brand.

Scotty Kilmer is a motors expert with more than 55 years experience and revealed the reasons you shouldn't buy a Lexus.

In a video uploaded on YouTube, he pointed out a design flaw under the hood.

"I don't know why they hide the V8 engine [under a covering], there's no reason to.

"If you think about it, you want heat dissipation under the hood, this holds the heat in so if you live in a hot climate it will degrade the wiring and everything under there because the heat can't escape.

"It's a dumb idea."

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While the car guru did admit a Lexus normally doesn't need much work, he explained there was a transition period in 2007 that caused problems.

When discussing buying second-hand models, Scotty advised going for one before the shift.

In his garage he showed of a vehicle from the late 90s and praised it for the design.

"This is a 99' model, with 249,000 miles on it, and it still runs like a clock," Scotty added.

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The mechanic also discussed the different type of engines in the Japanese make of cars.

In a warning to potential used car buyers he said: "I would not have bought a V8 engine Lexus, because I see too many problems as they age.

"You need a mechanic to check out any car, especially a Lexus."

Additionally, V6 engines, according to Scotty, also present difficulties.

He explained one customer came to him with a Lexus powered by this model.

"The spark plugs were covered in burnt oil, but with the V6 engine, you can't get to them without it being an insanely huge job," continued the expert.

Overall, Scotty urged anyone buying a second-hand Lexus to make sure a mechanic gives it a proper assessment.

This comes as Scotty Kilmer has offered his words of wisdom on many other car issues.

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Plus, why he would never buy an electric car, and called its benefits a myth.

And, Scotty revealed an easy fix which costs just a few pounds but will save you some serious money.

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