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AN iconic car beloved by millions of Brits will be discontinued as the firm behind it launches a brand new EV.

Stefanie Wurst, who heads up legendary manufacturer Mini, confirmed the massive change this week.

The company unveiled its new all-electric Cooper as the latest in a lineage dating back to 1961.

They also confirmed that they will launch a new equivalent petrol version in the near future.

However, it will not be available with a manual transmission, meaning only the automatic and electric versions will be on sale.

Wurst told Top Gear Magazine: "We won’t have a manual unfortunately."


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The Cooper is named after John Cooper, a motorsport revolutionary who began a small car company from his garage in Surbiton, Surrey, before developing the original Mini.

He is credited with introducing the rear-engined designs now common at the highest levels of racing, including F1.

Indeed, one of his F1 cars was driven by racing legend Bruce McLaren, who himself built the now world-famous McLaren brand.

Wurst added that the company will remain in motorsport and continue to work with Cooper's grandson Charlie.

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She said: "I think meeting Charlie made me confident about continuing with motorsport.

"He’s an entrepreneur and he’s into electric bikes.

"And with his heritage – being the carrier of the name – but then also being into electromobility, it’s the perfect bridge. So, we plan to go with him into electric motorsport as well."

Nonetheless, it is the end of an era at Mini as the manual Cooper, with all its history and racing pedigree, is consigned to history.

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