Google has a 'creepy' dark web checker where you can see EVERYTHING cyber crooks know about you – check yours today | The Sun

GOOGLE has introduced a new dark web reporting feature, which lets users see all the information cyber crooks know about them.

The feature was previously a paid-for perk for Google One subscribers.

However, Google earlier this year rolled it out to Gmail users for free, and this week, to Android owners too.

With Google's dark web reports, users can check to see how much personal information – if any – has been exposed on the dark web.

The dark web is essentially the criminal underbelly of the internet.

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To check your information, first open the Google app on your Android device.

Then click on the top-right corner account menu.

There you should see 'dark web report' about halfway down. 

Google trawls the dark web for information such as your name, address, phone number, national insurance number (social security number in the US), usernames and passwords.

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It will then compile a report with all of the information exposed, give you a link to the site it has appeared on and offer a recommendation on how to secure yourself.

Personal information falling into the wrong hands can put people at heightened risk of phishing attacks and fraud.

This feature is not yet available to iPhone owners – but they must not be too disappointed.

The feature is expected to roll out to iOS users soon, according to ZDNET.

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