Four kitchen decor ‘mistakes’ to ‘avoid’ that can put off buyers

A new kitchen is a big but worthwhile investment, it will always add value to a property, as well as add a functional space to enjoy and work in.

However, when designing them, it can be easy to make a few common mistakes, according to Amy Wilson, interior designer for 247 Curtains.

1. Skimping on lighting 

Households may not be aware that lighting is one of the most important elements when it comes to making interior design choices, no matter the space. 

While kitchens should have practicality at the forefront of mind, having only bright lights “can be a mistake”. 

In the evenings, having some more dim, warm lighting creates the “perfect ambience” for dinner and hosting. 

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Amy said: “So when you think about lighting, make sure to have a mix of options to suit all uses of the space.”

2. Overlooking window dressings

When decorating homes, window dressings are typically important. However, when it comes to kitchens, “many people overlook this” but it should be a “high priority” element. 

Even though kitchens are a space of functionality, this doesn’t need to be at the expense of style. 

In the kitchen itself, the designer suggested dressing windows with sleek shutters or patterned roller blinds for those who want to bring in some colour.

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Amy added: “If your kitchen also overlooks your garden, dress your doors with some made to measure curtains as this will instantly give the space some added luxury and ensure your kitchen feels cohesive with the rest of the home.” 

3. Thinking accessories don’t have a place in the kitchen

All areas of the home should have some accessories dotted around to add a sense of personality and avoid putting off buyers. 

Kitchens should be kept as clutter-free as possible but there is still scope to bring some small touches in. 

Think small decorative vases, pieces of art and candles and try to focus them on raised areas, such as shelves so work surfaces are kept clear. 

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Amy wanted: “Skipping these final touches can leave a kitchen desperately in need of some character.”

4. Playing it too safe with the colour scheme 

Kitchens don’t need to always be a bright white space, in fact, kitchens that have plenty of contrasting colours can make for a great contemporary hosting space. 

The designer suggested choosing a splashback or tiling that contrasts with work surfaces or cupboards rather than aiming for a monochromatic space. Amy said: “This will really elevate your kitchen and bring it on trend.”

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