CPSC Recalls: Stain Remover, UTVs, String Lights, Vacuums, Mattresses, Plush Toys

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission or CPSC has announced recalls including 2.7 million bottles of Wet & Forget stain removers, as well as certain Utility-Terrain Vehicles, string lights, vacuums, mattresses, strollers, and plush toys, among others, for various reasons.

In most of the recalls, consumers are urged to immediately stop using the recalled product, and contact the respective firm for either a free repair, replacement or refund, depending on each product.

Stain Remover

Elgin, Illinois-based Wet & Forget (USA) Inc. is recalling 2.7 million bottles of “Xtreme Reach” Outdoor Mold & Mildew stain remover with hose end nozzle due to risk of skin and eye irritation. The recall involves the nozzles on 48 oz. and 68 oz. bottles with UPCs 879288000077 and 879288000084, respectively.

The hose end nozzle clip can dislodge and allow the cleaning solution to spray on users. The firm received 3,188 reports of dislodgement of the nozzle insert, including 157 reports of exposure to the cleaning solution and 28 reports of complaints of skin or eye irritation.

The product, manufactured in New Zealand, was sold at Ace Hardware, Costco, Home Depot, Lowes, True Value, Walmart, and other home goods stores nationwide and online from February 2018 through November 2023 for between $30 and $35.

String Lights

Elmhurst, Illinois-based DM Merchandising Inc. is recalling about 34,600 units of Bunkhouse and Lotsa LITES! mini string lights citing risks of burn and fire. The products, manufactured in China, were sold at Gift stores and boutiques nationwide and online from August 2023 through September 2023 for between $10 and $13.

The bulbs can overheat when the string lights are plugged directly into an outlet, presenting burn and fire hazards. The firm has received three reports of string lights overheating. But, no injuries have been reported to date.


China’s Moonseasleep is recalling about 11,000 units of Moonsea Pack and Play Mattresses due to suffocation hazard for infants.

The recalled mattresses violate multiple provisions of the federal safety regulation for crib mattresses, including the thickness test and missing warnings and labels. The product poses a suffocation hazard to infants, but no reports were received as of now.

The products, manufactured in China, were sold exclusively on Amazon.com from January 2023 through August 2023 for about $40.

About 2,000 units of Vibe Bear Playyard mattresses sold exclusively on Amazon.com also were recalled for the same concern. They were sold from January 2023 through June 2023 for about $34.

Further, Missouri City, Texas-based Adven Group LLC called back about 1,540 units of Nap Queen Maxima Hybrid mattresses citing fire hazard as they fail to meet the mandatory federal flammability standard. No reports of incidents have been received to date.

Nap Queen mattresses were manufactured in Kosovo, and sold at Amazon.com, Walmart.com, and Overstock.com from February 2023 through May 2023 for between $170 and $350.


Royal Appliance Mfg. Co., d/b/a TTI Floor Care North America is recalling about 6,200 units of Oreck Discover Upright Vacuums of models UK30500 and UK30500PC, citing electrical shock hazard. The vacuum’s electric cord plug prong can detach and remain in an electrical outlet when the vacuum is unplugged. The firm has received 41 reports of a prong detaching from its plug. No injuries have been reported to date.

They were sold at Independent Oreck dealers nationwide and online from September 2022 through September 2023 for about $600.

Plush Toys

Townshend, Vermont-based Mary Meyer Corp. is recalling about 1,950 units of Bubba Bull Plush Toys as the eyes of the plush toys can break off, posing a choking hazard to young children. The firm has received one report of an eye detaching from the plush toy. No injuries have been reported.

The Style 45541 Bubba Bull toys with date code 1945 were sold at Independent specialty toy stores nationwide and only at www.MaryMeyer.com from December 2022 through October 2023 for about $24.


Anaheim, California-based SourceOne Ventures Inc. is calling back about 12,000 units of Windsor Queen Xtrabed Mobile Murphy Beds citing injury and tip over hazards.

The products, manufactured in Vietnam, were sold exclusively at Wayfair from November 2016 through April 2023 for between $1,500 and $1,860.

The firm has received 19 reports of the Xtrabed’s outer case breaking and falling when opened from the front, resulting in 11 injuries. There was also one report of a tip-over resulting in bruising to the arm.

Baby Rattles

Boston-based Primark U.S. Corp. is recalling about 1,380 units of baby rattles citing risk of choking and ingestion hazards.

The recall involves “Wooden Music Shaker” and “DTR M&M Maracas” baby rattles. The products, manufactured in China, were sold at Primark U.S. stores located in the northeast region, Florida, Maryland and Chicago from March 2021 through August 2023 for between $3.50 and $4.50.

The bottom portion of the recalled baby rattles can detach, posing choking and/or ingestion hazards. The firm has received five reports of the rattles breaking apart in the United Kingdom. No injuries have been reported.


New York-based Bugaboo North America Inc. about 1,000 units Dragonfly seat strollers citing risk of injury as an unrestrained infant could tumble from the seat.

The recall involves only the seat sold with the Bugaboo Dragonfly Seat Strollers. They were sold at children’s specialty stores nationwide and online at www.bugaboo.com from May 2023 through June 2023 for about $900 for seat strollers only, and about $1,100 for bassinet strollers with seats.

Bugaboo has received one report in the United States and seven reports in South Korea of the backrest of the seat moving downward during use when in parent-facing mode. No injuries have been reported in the U.S.

Screw Gate Tool Tails

Tenacious Holdings Inc., dba Ergodyne called back about 16,570 units of Squids Wire Tool Attachments with Screw Gate Tool Tails due to injury risk.

The wire tool attachment can break when dropped while tethered to a tool exceeding two pounds, posing an injury hazard to bystanders.

Manufactured in Taiwan, the products were sold at Industrial and safety product distributors nationwide and online from September 2018 through July 2023 for about $20 (pack of six) or up to about $400 (when sold as part of the kits).

Utility-Terrain Vehicles

McKinney, Texas-based Segway Powersports Inc. called back about 1,100 units of model year 2022 Fugleman Utility -Terrain Vehicles or UTVs with model numbers UT10E or UT10X for fire risk.

They were made in China and sold at Segway Powersports authorized dealers from December 2021 through July 2023 for between $14,400 and $16,700.

The ignition coil can fail to ignite one of the engine cylinders, allowing uncombusted fuel to enter the exhaust pipe where it could ignite. This could pose a fire hazard. The firm has received one report of a vehicle fire with property damage. No injuries have been reported.


Fenton, Missouri-based Security Equipment Corp. is recalling about 4,000 units of SABRE Aim & Fire Pepper Gel Spray with Training Canisters with model number SDP-G-03 citing failure to operate in an emergency.

The Spray canisters do not contain the red nozzle on top of the valve stem that is needed to deploy the product and will not deploy pepper gel spray when it is triggered. Also, the canisters can fail to spray in the defense of the individual during an emergency.

The firm has received two reports of the red nozzle missing. No injuries have been reported.

Manufactured domestically, the products were sold at Sporting goods stores nationwide and online at Amazon.com from July 2023 through August 2023 for about $50.

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