You've been cleaning your earbuds all wrong – here's the one cleaning hack to avoid

Earbuds are an essential accessory for those of us who listen to music on the go – but yours could be harboring all sorts of harmful substances.

Dirt, skin particles and earwax can easily build up, giving germs and bacteria the opportunity to thrive.

So it is always important to keep your devices clean to protect your self and your ears from harm.

But some popular cleaning methods could be doing more harm than good.

Some people may think that running water over their earbuds will clean them and remove any of that build up. Wrong.

Earbuds have electronic circuits inside of them, which can be irreparably damaged by water.

Another method to avoid is using any sharp objects such as tooth picks or pins to pick off debris, as this could damage the surface or the electronics inside. The same applies to metal or wire brushes.

The most effective method of removing all that mess from your earbuds without causing any harm to your earbuds is actually very simple.

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Simply take a micro fiber cloth, lightly dampen it with fresh water and gently wipe down the surface. Be sure not to overly wet the devices, and to soak up any excess moisture.

Once you have finished gently wiping them down, set your earbuds down on a flat surface.

Be sure to allow your earbuds to completely dry before placing them in the charging case and turning them on.

This method of cleaning everyday devices without causing any damage to themcan also work for other devices such as your television remote or your phone.

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