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THERE’S a lot more to iMessage than what meets the eye – for most iPhone owners anyway.

Hidden in the Apple messaging app are several ways to make texting easier.

Pinning for friends

If you have people or group chats that you message often and want to be more accessible in the Messages app, you can pin up to nine conversations to the top of the screen.

To pin an iMessage chat, tap and hold it and then choose the Pin option.

You can also tap and drag a chat to the top, where you then drop it to pin it.

When you have at least one conversation pinned at the top, you can add others from the three-dot menu, which will offer you a separate Edit Pins menu.

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Editing sent messages

We all make mistakes, even in texting.

But what many iPhone users don’t know is that you can now edit an iMessage after you have sent it.

The feature, which is only available on iPhones with iOS 16, gives users 15 minutes to edit a message.

Be warned though, the original, unedited version of the message will not completely disappear

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To edit a blue bubble, tap and hold on the message and select Edit from the menu.

Make your corrections and then send the new text.

Reply inline to an iMessage

Replying inline to a specific iMessage makes navigating any busy group chat or text conversation plane sailing.

It’s easy to lose track replies when bombarded with a sea of messages.

But this feature, which had been used by WhatsApp for years before it was adopted by Apple, helps iPhone users cut through the noise.

It means you can reply directly to a message, so friends and family know which text you are specifically replying to.

To do this, you can tap and hold the text and select Reply from the options.

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