You won't believe these optical illusions AREN'T videos – two photos that break your brain

A PAIR of mind-blowing optical illusions are tricking people's eyes into seeing movement, even though they're both stationary.

One shows a large ball shape appearing to shake – except it's not a video or a GIF, so should be completely still.

Moving your head from side-to-side or scrolling the web page up and down deceives our eyes into thinking it's shaking.

Visual illusion expert Akiyoshi Kitaoka shared the trick on Twitter to stunned users but warned it may make some people feel dizzy or sick.

One commenter said they "had to screenshot to believe it".

"The human brain, the most complex known object in the universe, can't tell if this f**king jpeg is pretending to be a gif," another joked.

The effect is called an anomalous motion illusion.

Kitaoka also shared another wild illusion which instead appears to show a dark mist expanding.

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But once again, it's a completely stationary image, so it's not really changing at all.

This one is known as Fujiwara's illusion.

One observer likened it to an "evil expanding blob of darkness" and said it's "almost creepy" to look at.

Another noticed that it seems to expand when squinting your eyes.

If you're into optical illusions be sure not to miss this one too, which reveals a colour your computer display is not able to show.

The colour is known as 'true cyan'.

There is also a so-called 'super-illusion' that makes you see things that don't exist.

The trippy animation appears to show a stickman climbing stairs and jumping, but your eyes are very much deceiving you.

Meanwhile, another of two elephants on a seesaw makes people hear a thud even though the video has no noise.

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