Xbox Series S release date, specs and price – Microsoft's cheap new console revealed

MICROSOFT'S second "cheaper" console is now official – and it's called the Xbox Series S.

This new gaming machine is around half the price of the Xbox Series X, and will launch just in time for Christmas.

What is the Xbox Series S?

Earlier this year, Microsoft unveiled the Xbox Series X.

This next-gen console is due out just before Christmas, and promises stunning 8K graphics.

But we're also expecting a cheaper model to launch alongside it.

It's called the Xbox Series S, and is aimed at buyers on a budget.

Xbox Series S specs and features – what's different?

The first thing to note is that the Xbox Series S is much cheaper, at £249/$299.

That's because it's an all-digital console with no disc tray – keeping costs down.

Sony has already offered up much the same with its new PS5, which comes in non-digital and digital variants.

And Microsoft arguably spearheaded this trend with its all-digital Xbox One S, which came out last year.

So it's really no surprise that the Xbox Series S exists.

Microsoft's cheaper model still stands vertically, but looks to be about half the width.

And rather than being all-black like the Series X, the Series S has a white design with a large dark circle on its front.

Xbox Series S release date – when is it out?

Microsoft will release the Xbox Series S for sale on November 10.

That's the same day that the full-fat Xbox Series X will come out.

Importantly, both consoles will arrive in time for Christmas.

They'll also be on sale for Black Friday – November 27 – so we may see some tempting bundles available then.

Xbox Series S price – how much will it cost?

The new Xbox Series S is the cheaper of Microsoft's next-gen consoles.

It'll cost you £249 in the UK, or $299 in the states.

That's far cheaper than the Xbox Series X, which is set to retail at £449/$499.

However, we're still in the dark about something very important: the PlayStation 5 price.

The PS5 is Sony's big rival to the Xbox Series S and Series X, and comes in two variants – one with a disc tray, and one without.

That means we could see a major price war, with Sony undercutting the Xbox.

You'll probably want to hold off making a final decision until you find out how much the PS5 costs too.

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