Xbox gamers warned of new 'eight-strike' rule that could BAN players for a whole year – don't get caught out | The Sun

XBOX gamers have been warned of a new eight-strike system that could see users banned for up to a year for breaking Microsoft's rules.

The tech giant is attempting to be more transparent with its enforcement, and detailing exactly how Xbox players will be punished if they breach the terms and conditions (T&Cs) of service.

Xbox's terms and conditions cover everything gamers use on the console, including:

  • Xbox Games Studio app, games, and websites
  • Xbox Game Pass
  • Xbox Live Gold
  • Xbox Live
  • Xbox Music
  • Xbox Store

Under the new rules – which officially came into force on Tuesday 15 – the number of strikes the Xbox safety team place on a users account will see them banned for a growing number of days.

This usually happens when an inappropriate gamer is reported by another player.


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The number of strikes applied to an account depends on the severity of the violation.

Each strike results in a suspension from Xbox's social features.

For example, after two strikes, a player will be suspended for a day.

Four strikes will see a player banned for a week.

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While the full eight strikes will lock a player out of the platform for an entire year.

This means the problematic player will be blocked from accessing multiplayer gaming, messaging, parties, party chat and other social Xbox features.

A striked-out player can still sign into to their Xbox account and play their games – so long as they don't require online services, use messaging apps or make purchases.

Some of the breaches of Microsoft's T&Cs include:

  • Bullying and harassment
  • Inappropriate sexual misconduct
  • Cheating
  • Hate speech

Account vs. console ban

If there's a gamer who is repeatedly causing trouble, their Xbox console – not just their account – will be blocked entirely, either temporarily or permanently.

According to Xbox, "While most enforcement actions happen at the account level, Xbox will temporarily suspend or permanently ban Xbox consoles or other devices where repeated and egregious violations have occurred.

"A device suspension may include a temporary revoke of privileges on the console (such as communications or multiplayer), whereas a device ban permanently blocks an Xbox console or device from accessing the Xbox network."

This means the ban is applied to the device itself and not to a specific Xbox profile.

So, no one can use the affected console or device to connect to the Xbox service, to stop problematic players from simply creating new accounts.

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Players can view how many strikes they've received and when their suspension will end in their Enforcement History.

Users can also appeal against eligible enforcement actions too.

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