‘Wow, amazing!’: Mrs Hinch fans share 2p trick for removing limescale

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Cleaning star Mrs Hinch, whose real name is Sophie Hinchcliffe, has gained a huge following on social media, attracting a fan base of more than 4.1 million people on her Instagram page. The cleaning sensation’s ingenious hacks have helped thousands of people discover quick and simple techniques to spruce up their home.

Inspired by her clever methods, fans have formed their own social media groups dedicated to helping others maintain a clean home.

One online user from a social media group sought advice on how to remove a build-up of limescale, which often forms on taps leaving a hard, chalky substance.

Having used various cleaning products that had failed to get rid of the limescale, the group member was keen to find an effective solution.

Multiple people suggested using a two pence coin to scrape off the substance, which for many, appeared to have worked wonders.

One group member, who had tried and tested the two pence trick and was amazed by the results, said: “Omg looking at your comments I tried a lot of things but just did the 2p coin and wow amazing lol, small things, so chuffed.”

A range of methods involving various cleaning products were also shared.

One group member advised: “White vinegar on a folded tissue and wrap it around, hold in place and leave for as long as possible. Use lots of vinegar.”

A second said: “Viakal is great at removing limescale or wet a 2p coin and rub it and it will somehow magically break away and come clean.”

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A third suggested: “Limescale remover from Lidl is amazing put it in a sandwich bag and tie over tap overnight and it will wipe off clean.”

A fourth person offered: “Put vinegar and bicarbonate soda in a balloon and pull over tap.”

Another said: “Try Bar Keepers Friend powder or power cream.”

One person suggested using Kilrock gel to tackle the limescale.

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While another advised pouring lemon juice in a food bag before tying it to the tap.

Suggesting a similar technique, one group member advised pouring vinegar in a food bag.

One user swore by vinegar and bicarbonate of soda for getting rid of the limescale. 

Another person suggested using a pumice stone. 

One social media user advised using very low-grade sandpaper.

While other suggestions involved using a steam cleaner to lift off the limescale.

Describing their own technique, one group member explained: “I would use either Kilrock gel or HG limescale remover soaked in a cotton pad. 

“Wrapped around the tap, put a bag over and leave for a little while then chip off with a 2p coin.”

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