‘Works wonders’ How to wash pillows to keep them ‘fluffy and firm’ – ‘only one that works’

Lynsey Crombie shares how to check if you need new pillows

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Pillows get lumpy over time as their stuffing collects dirt, debris and moisture. They can also change shape if they are not washed properly. To restore the pillow, it is important to get rid of the moisture and dirt inside, by placing it in the washing machine. Mrs Hinch fans have shared the best hacks to clean pillows, including a £1 trick.

Taking to the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook page, Julie Smith wrote: “Any tips for discoloured and misshapen pillows? I know they’re in pillowcases but it is starting to bug me.”

Taking to the comments, cleaning enthusiasts shared their top tips for both cleaning and restoring pillows.

April Wilson wrote: “Wash in the washing machine and throw in a clean tennis ball. It stops them misshaping.”

Joanne Lin said: “The tennis ball trick is the only trick that works. Don’t do it too often but it works wonders.”

Three other comments from Mrs Hinch fans recommended using a tennis ball in the washing machine.

When they bounce around in the machine, they help to keep the filling from clumping, meaning when they come out of the machine, they’ll be in their original state.

If for whatever reason they aren’t, they can be restored by plumping them up and allowing them to dry on a flat surface.

Tennis balls can be picked up for as little as £1 each and can be reused in the machine several times.

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Other Mrs Hinch fans suggested keeping a pillowcase on while they are in the washing machine. According to one woman, it helps them keep their shape better.

An anonymous post read: “I always wash my pillows a few times a year, or when I can see they need it. I was them with a pillowcase on so they go fluffy again and firm.

“You can also tumble dry them but I wouldn’t do it all the time, or at a high heat.”

Not all pillows can be washed so it is important to check the care label. Those with solid foam pillows or buckwheat cannot place them in the washing machine.

Malik Karman, bedding expert from Eachnight Mattresses, shared top tips on how to get rid of moisture and odours from pillows.

The expert said: “A rule of thumb is that a pillow that can be fluffed up is machine washable, such as feather pillows and shredded foam pillows.

“However, it’s important to double check the pillow’s care tag to make sure it can go through the washer safely.

“All you need to wash your pillow is a gentle detergent.

“Dryer balls or a few tennis balls can also be helpful when tossing the pillow in the dryer, as the balls can help the pillow dry faster and fluff it up too.

“If your pillow cannot be machine washed and you want to freshen it up, we recommend sprinkling baking soda across its surface and leaving the powder alone to soak up moisture and odours.”

Memory foam pillows can be gently spot-cleaned and freshened up with an occasional spot of baking soda. 

The bedding expert explained: “Size is also important to consider when washing pillows.

“King size pillows typically need to be washed in an industrial washing machine, so you likely won’t be able to wash them at home.”

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