‘Works a treat’: Mrs Hinch fans share how to clean vertical blinds – ‘smells amazing’

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Mrs Hinch fans often share cleaning tips and tricks on dedicated social media pages. Posting on the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook page, Angela Smith wrote: “Can anyone help me? What is the best way to clean vertical blinds? Mine are grubby.” Vertical blinds are often made from fabric, which means they will attract dust and dirt easily. It is important they are cleaned regularly to help prevent dust circulating the home, which can make allergies worse.


Taking to the comments, Mrs Hinch fans recommended a variety of tips, including soaking them in the bath.

Kelsey Hancox wrote: “Take them down and put them in the bath with bleach. Also use something nice smelling and leave them to soak overnight.

“Then, rinse them in the morning and hang the blinds up to dry with the windows open.”

Joan McKewon said: “I soak mine in the bath and let them dry before hanging them up in the morning.”

Mrs Hinch fans recommended using Zoflora to clean the blinds, which will also leave a fresh smelling scent in the home.

Zoflora kills 99.9 percent of bacteria and viruses, helping to keep the home clean.

It is available in a variety of retailers including B&M for as little as 89p.

What’s more, the concentrated disinfectant is available in a variety of scents.

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Andrea Bine commented: “Drop of Zoflora in the bath, maybe something else if they are stained and need an extra boost, works a treat, smells amazing.”

Rosie Kelly wrote: “I soak mine in the bath with warm water and disinfectant for about an hour.

“Then I let the water out and fill up with cold water, it helps get the soap out. I then put them in a bowl and take them outside to put on the line.”

Diane Wray added: “I do this too, works so well.”

Jennifer Walker said: “I put the shower on mine and get a sponge to wipe them.”

Other group members recommended placing the blinds in the washing machine.

Elaine Matchett commented: “Put them in a pillow case and place in a washing machine on a cool wash. Take them straight out of the machine when finished so they don’t crease.

“Hang up straight while they are damp and leave to dry.”

Marion Kenny said: “I agree with the others to put them in the washing machine but it depends on the quality of your blinds.

“If you have any spare ones, try it out first before you risk putting the whole blind in there.”

Mrs Hinch fans also shared top tips on how to clean horizontal blinds, also known as Venetian blinds.

They recommended using tumble dryer sheets or a duster to remove the dust.

Zoflora can also be used on Venetian blinds to help remove any bacteria.

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