Woman Who Said She Liked Trump’s Smile During Town Hall Is Still Voting For Biden

A woman who addressed President Donald Trump during Thursday’s town hall by first complimenting him on his smile wants it to be clear that she is no fan of the man behind the grin, and actually plans on voting for Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

Paulette Dale, who was identified last night as a registered Republican voter who voted for Hilary Clinton in 2016 and is leaning toward Biden, was present at the town hall to ask Trump if he would continue cutting support for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy, which grants undocumented immigrants who were brought into the United States as children eligibility to remain.

Before asking the question, however, she exclaimed that the president had a “great smile.” 

“You’re so handsome when you smile,” Dale said as Trump thanked her and ate up the praise, eliciting applause from the audience. 

Dale’s rapport with Trump immediately drew reactions on social media, with some commentators rolling their eyes and others, like actress Bette Midler, quipping that Dale needed better vision care.

In a surprise turn of events, however, Dale — a retired Miami Dade College professor — told the Miami New Times she’ll still be casting her vote for Biden, despite being pleased with Trump’s answer that his administration was “working very hard on the DACA program.”

“I wish [Trump] would smile more and talk less,” Dale said, adding that the president “steps in it every time he opens his mouth.” 

Dale, who also had a question about Trump’s skepticism toward climate change that she was unable to ask at the town hall, said that Trump was “very combative and he doesn’t believe in science.” 

“And by his own words, he knows more than the generals, knows more than the public health experts, knows more than anybody,” Dale said. “I believe Joe Biden will listen to the experts.”

Dale was sincere about the president’s looks though: “I believe the man has a very nice smile; there was no reason not to comment on it. Smiles are important to me. I like nice teeth.” 

Twitter immediately reacted to news of this plot twist, pointing out that Dale’s praise of the president’s smile was ironically similar to the way that many men in power — including Trump himself — focus on women’s appearances rather than their ideas. 


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