Window cleaning: Mrs Hinch fans share the ‘best’ way to remove streaks and smears

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Windows should be regularly cleaned on the inside and outside to keep them shiny and streak-free. One homeowner has revealed the simple way to clean windows with little effort.

Mrs Hinch is a cleaning expert who has delighted homeowners with her cheap and accessible hacks.

She has shared tips on her own social media accounts, during TV appearances and in her book.

Many Britons have enjoyed her wisdom so much that there are social media accounts dedicated to her cleaning hacks.

Posting in a Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook group, one woman asked for help on her windows.

How to clean windows

Even after being cleaned, windows can quickly get smeared from general use.

One woman explained she had tried vinegar to freshen up her windows between professional washes.

However, she turned to others for advice when she noticed marks that were not going away.

She wrote: “I just got my windows professionally cleaned and they looked great which I will now do regularly.

“But I want to keep them touched up (less than a week later) as the kids handprints are constant.

“Yesterday I discovered the joys of newspaper and vinegar water, it looked great until the sun came out this morning and it looks pretty smeared and cloudy.”

The Facebook user asked for cheap recommendations to help get her windows looking fresh again.

The supermarkets are filled with products specifically for window cleaning, but a number of homeowners explained these are not necessary.

In fact, simply using dishwashing liquid and water could be enough to leave windows as good as new.

One wrote: “I genuinely think the best thing is soapy water and a squeegee.”

Another added: “Use dish soap and hot water first in case there’s a build up of product.”

“Plain old washing up liquid in water in a spray bottle and wipe off,” a third added.

“It works, don’t do whilst the sun is shining on windows.”

Another agreed, stating: “In the cleaning industry we only ever used fairy washing up liquid and window cloths.”

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