WiFi users must never put router on floor – there are only two exceptions that you can't afford to ignore | The Sun

WIFI routers can be temperamental and you need to make sure your device is in the correct position.

One major mistake is when people leave their WiFi routers on the floor.

There are often only two exceptions to this rule and it can depend on your household.

Electrical outlets are placed near the floor in a lot of households.

That means it can be tempting to put your router low down too.

However, you'll want to get the router nice and high in the room.

This means you'll have the best chance of spreading strong signals far and wide across your room – and connecting with your gadgets.

Before you place your router higher up, consider two exceptions.

"One exception to this rule is people with multistory homes.

"Since you still want the router in the most central location, the best place for a router in a two-story home would be near the ceiling on the first floor or near the floor on the second floor," explained internet expert Peter Christiansen for HighSpeedInternet.com.

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Secondly, if putting the router on the floor means it's blocked by furniture or an electronic appliance, don't bother.

It's important to keep your WiFi router away from other objects, especially if they're made of metal.

Giving your router the best possible lines of sight means you're maximizing your internet potential.

Make sure your devices can see the router and you should get the best out of the connection.

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